Because your concerns, your interests, and your commitments go beyond your wealth, we provide opportunities to meet and discuss with talented specialists, leaders, and experts from other walks of life.

Looking beyond wealth

Healthcare, motivating young people, new ways of contributing to society either financially or otherwise... the topics that are important to our clients go beyond wealth management.

These matters are important to us too, and we seek out individuals or ideas that may interest you or channel your thoughts.

Our Bank regularly advises its client to look beyond the traditional boundaries of Wealth Management. We give them access to leading specialists, specially selected for their high-quality, original ideas. From personal meetings to the publication of interviews on our website, Indosuez Wealth Management provides preferential access to ideas that could help shape the future differently.


Furthering your knowledge 

Naturally, because economic and financial matters interest most of our clients, we can also help you further your knowledge in these areas. Dedicated meetings and publications give you access to the best of our research on a wide range of topics: our vision of the global economy, our analysis of a country's particular situation or the behaviour of the markets, the economic and financial outlook, changing regulations - in particular regarding tax - our opinion on a particular asset class, etc. The range of topics is vast and merits regular discussion. The meetings we organise also provide you with the opportunity to share your own ideas with experts or other investors.


Supporting excellence and talent 

Indosuez Wealth Management wants to be a positive force. Over and above its philanthropic initiatives, our Bank supports upcoming talent in various areas, in particular in artistic disciplines, in our different countries.

As a complement to our expertise and ideas, we also want to share our enthusiasm for these discoveries - young, talented individuals, and excellence in different fields - which deserve our support and encouragement.

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