Life Insurance

Indosuez Wealth Management is there to help you protect, grow, and pass on enduring wealth.
Life insurance and personal protection insurance are its natural allies.

Life insurance: manage and pass on your wealth

As Architects of Wealth, Indosuez's teams often recommend life insurance, which is a high-performance wealth management vehicle. Life insurance products can be used to grow and pass on financial assets, while retaining control and access to your funds. In some cases they can also offer legal and tax advantages.


Adapting to your needs

Indosuez Wealth Management has a range of innovative, flexible, and adaptable life insurance policies. They will allow you to choose the management approach that best suits your needs and how much you want to be involved in managing your assets. Advisory and Discretionary Portfolio Management services can be used with most of our life insurance policies. We only propose policies that are truly adaptable to your requirements.


Strict selection criteria for our insurance partners

The policies we propose are designed with Group insurers and in an open architecture environment in which our partners are selected based on their solidity, flexibility, operational reliability, responsiveness and reporting quality. The in-house or third party solutions that we offer are subject to a very strict selection process, in accordance with our policy of prudence.

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in-depth understanding of investment vehicles

Our expert life insurance team systematically approves the Indosuez Wealth Management investment universe within the policies selected. We can therefore offer our clients a wide range of financial instruments that are carefully selected and monitored under our strict process. A large number of vehicles are available, depending on the insurance company, the policy, and the policyholder's country of residence. Funds, equities, direct bonds, structured products, investments in euros or other currencies - there are many possibilities covering the main asset classes and regions.


advice to optimise the transmission of your wealth

It is essential for our clients to pass on their wealth in the best possible conditions. Your Senior Banker will pay particular attention to the way in which beneficiary clauses are drafted, generally in liaison with the Structuring Wealth teams, and if necessary, in coordination with your own personal advisors.


Personal protection insurance - protect your family

Because our focus is on your wealth and on your protection, we advise our clients to envisage premium personal protection insurance solutions.

Indosuez Wealth Management applies a strict selection process to find policies that will insure and preserve the standard of living of the policyholder and their family in case of need.

They are designed to protect your loved-ones in the event of death or disability. Payment protection insurance is also available for personal or professional bullet or repayment loans.

Personal protection insurance can also safeguard a company's financial future if something happens to one of its key staff members.

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