If you want to take part in solving the social, environmental and societal challenges of our time through innovation and committed action for a lasting impact, you will need a specific expertise. Indosuez Wealth Management can provide you with a comprehensive guidance while connecting you to the experience of our own charitable foundations. This support will go a long way toward helping you formulate your plans and make them a reality.

Enhance your wealth management, legal and estate strategy

Passion and reason are both integral to life. Reconciling the public interest with one's own is possible. We are here to help you build your foundation, maximise your contribution and institute the best possible operational management of your philanthropic vehicle.

Investing effectively for the common good

Thanks to the expertise of our multi-disciplinary team, you will be aligning the management of your endowments with the mission of your foundation while accessing opportunities for philanthropic and impact investing.

Access a network of reputable partners

Involving your loved ones and/or your company can help ensure that your project makes a lasting impact.
Surrounding yourself with diverse skills and expertise will generate greater efficiency.
With Indosuez Wealth Management, you will have access to a full range of expertise to build and manage your dedicated philanthropic vehicle.

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